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Your choice poached in a traditional curry with onion, tomatoes, ginger, and garlic

$ 0.00
Goat Curry – Box Combo

Goat cubes with bones stewed in a Himalayan curry blend with onion, tomatoes, ginger, and garlic.

$ 18.95

Flavorful dish with your choice, simmered in a tomato, onion sauce and stir-fried with garden variety vegetables.

$ 0.00

A healthy & comforting dish of your choice, braised in a rich green spinach sauce with onions, tomatoes, traditional spices, and aromatics.

$ 0.00
Tikka Masalas

your choice marinated with ginger, garlic, yogurt, Indian spices, chargrilled in a tandoor, and braised in rich, creamy, orange-colored tomato-based sauce.

$ 0.00

Spicy dish of your choice, stewed in a tangy vindaloo paste of red chili, seasoned with
ginger, garlic, vinegar, tamarind, and quartered potatoes.

$ 0.00